Pathways to Employment (P2E)

Opportunities to work with us

As your corporate parent, there are lots of ways we can help you on your Pathways to Employment. We can help you get work-ready and get into work by offering opportunities to work with us, as your ‘family firm’.

Helping you with work

We will help you

  • get advice and support to discuss your different options
  • organise work experience in the County Council
  • broker a placement with local businesses -like one of our many partners, such as Exmoor National Park, Viridor or SKANSKA
  • build your skills and confidence for work
  • with an offer of work experience opportunities through the Council as your ‘family firm’
  • get to know your local job centre and what they can offer you
  • with taster work experiences
  • with some costs – such as transport costs to an interview, or to get start-up equipment you might need, in certain circumstances

Three Care Leavers share their stories of working in the Council 

As your corporate parents we can help you directly with your Pathways to Employment – you could work with us as your family firm.

More information about the Council’s Pathway to Employment opportunities

Bespoke Programmes include all of our opportunities with support, from Personal Advisors and other key workers. If you’re looking to build your confidence and learn some life skills and work skills, this is the place to start. Ask your Personal Advisor to get in touch with us in the Pathways to Employment team with information about your interests and aspirations

Work Experience might be in an office role, highways or social care with the County Council. If this isn’t where you want to take your career, we’ve got a host of partner organisations, including Exmoor National Park, Skanska, Viridor and Tesco. We can help broker a placement in one of our partners or another local business. Work experience is always unpaid and usually lasts between 1 and 6 weeks, full-time or part-time.

Training encompasses a massive range, from traineeships – where you can build your work skills and gain qualifications in Maths and English – all the way through to university and a degree. We can provide you with advice and guidance to send you in the right direction towards the career you want, and we will work with colleges, universities and training providers so they understand the support you need to stay on track.

Employment is the final step on the Pathway to Employment, but you shouldn’t feel rushed or pressured if you’re not work-ready – sometimes this can be a step back. Whether the job you want involves extra training in an apprenticeship, or going straight into work, along with the Job Centre we’ll help you develop the tools to write a CV or application, and excel at an interview. What’s more, care leavers and people with SEND are guaranteed interviews for any apprenticeship at Somerset County Council.

The Pathways to Employment team won’t always be able to offer what every person needs or wants directly, but where we aren’t the right people to help you develop, we can help you find the right support.