When you’re 16, your Personal Adviser will talk to you about the different accommodation choices you can make. This will help you start to think about and plan where you might live when you are 18.

We encourage all our care leavers to stay in a supported setting until they are ready to live independently. Your Personal Adviser will help you find out what choices are available and what would suit your needs best.

For all supported accommodation you would pay rent when you are over 18 and a contribution towards things like water and electricity – for some, you would also pay for food.

We must help you find accommodation and support you in your transition to adult life.

We will:

  • provide you with a range of suitable accommodation if you are under 18
  • make sure you have access to suitable accommodation once you have turned 18
  • help you access supported accommodation (including emergency accommodation) to prevent you being homeless – this is for all care leavers up to 25

Find out more about how you will be helped with your accommodation and the different types available.