Help if you want to go to college

Going to college

We will

  • help you find a suitable course if you want to go to college
  • help you to get help with education related costs if you are 16 to 19
  • If you are 16 to 19, we’ll help you get the college bursary you are entitled to you can claim this up to the age of 19 – 16-19 bursary
  • help you claim for any benefits you might be entitled to if you are over 18 and in education
  • help you to pay for public transport costs – if you live over 3 miles away from your college
  • apply for any other sources of funding you might be eligible for to help you with college costs – such as help with transport, meals, books and equipment
  • help you get the support you need (and help you to apply for support if you do not have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)) if you are under 25 and have SEND