We want you all to be active members of society, feel proud of who you are, make a difference and have all the chances in life that other young adults have.

We will help you participate in society by encouraging you to:

Take part  – we will tell you about relevant awards, schemes and competitions you can enter, based on your talents and interests

Participate in society – we will encourage you to get involved in national and local events and activities – so that you can help make positive change for care leavers!

We will also

  • encourage and help you get yourself on the Electoral Register – so you can vote in elections
  • offer you work experience with our local councillors

Get to know your community – we will help you learn about what’s going on in your community, where to go for information and advice that’s close to home at  ‘community connect’ drop-ins.

Or, you can search for information about local services, groups and events

Join groups – we will give you information about groups and activities you might want to join, including the Care Leaver Champions, Care Leaver group sessions, or Somerset in Care Council (SiCC) and the Somerset Leaving Care Council (SLCC), and other community groups and clubs

Get out and about in Somerset – we will encourage you to get out and about and enjoy your leisure time. There are lots of ways to make the most of your time on a budget.