Somerset In Care and Leaving Care Councils

We are a group of young people who are children looked after and Care Leavers in Somerset, aged from 10 years to 21 years. We meet every second Sunday of the month at the Rollercoaster in Bridgwater to talk about the things that affect young people in care.

We use our views and ideas to tell the managers who make decisions what we think works well in the care system and what could be better.

We also help to interview people who are applying for jobs in children’s social care. We have a lot of fun together and enjoy lunch and refreshments during the day.

SiCC and SLCC often discuss what skills and knowledge are needed to prepare young people for adult life – read the stories of 3 care leavers who work or have worked for Somerset County Council

If you’d like to join us, perhaps talk to your Social Worker, Personal Advisor or Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) – they could contact us for you, if you’d prefer.

The contact for SiCC and SLCC is our Participation Officer – Alison Pennells. You can call or text Alison on 07585 983356 or email, or find out more about SiCC and SLCC.