Financial support

Support to open a bank account and information about the leaving care grant

Did you know – you can get the following financial support from us?

  • Birthday allowance of £60 if you are 17,19 and 20, or
  • An extra payment of £75 when you are 18 and 21 to help you celebrate
  • A festivals allowance, like at Christmas or any celebration which is important to you, of £60
  • You choose which celebration you would like to get money for and write this in your Pathway Plan
  • Setting up Home allowance (SUHA) of up to £3,000, which you can use between the ages of 18 and 25 to buy furniture, white goods – like a fridge, cooker and furnishings for your accommodation.
  • the cost of storage for furniture before or after a move
  • Help with transport costs to visit family in Somerset, twice a month
  • Help to apply to charities for things like driving lessons. In some circumstances we might be able to help – for instance if it’s linked to your education, training or employment, and the availability of public transport
  • In an emergency, we may be able to help you with ‘one off’ financial support, but only in exceptional circumstances

We can help you get your important ID documents

We will help you to apply for

  • your passport
  • your driving licence
  • your birth certificate – a replacement, if you have lost your original

We will help with your education, training and employment

We will

  • help you apply for a £1200 bursary if you want to stay in education and go to a further education college
  • help you meet costs related to childcare and travel if you are a parent
  • pay you a £2000 Bursary if you go to university. – we will also continue to pay your incentive until you are 21
  • pay for your rail warrant during term time
  • help you pay for transport at the beginning and end of university terms
  • help you pay for accommodation during holiday periods
  • help you apply to colleges for discretionary bursaries if you need any extra help with your study costs – such as books or transport
  • make sure you get your £1,000 government bursary payment in your first year if you are a care leaver aged 16-24 and start an apprenticeship
  • help with the cost of college, work or interview clothes or equipment for college or work
  • in some circumstances we might be able to help pay for a gym pass

Care Leavers finance policy which explains what we can help you with (in currently being reviewed) – including your allowances, your accommodation, support with your employment, training and education; and support for young people in certain circumstances.