Getting ready for adult life

We support young people who are looked after from the age of 16 and up to the age of 25 if needed

As your corporate parents we want the best for you so that you can reach your full potential, realise your goals and live a happy life.

During your time in care (or a Staying Put placement), you will need help from the different adults supporting you – for example your foster carer or Personal Advisor – so that you can build the skills and knowledge you need to be a resilient and successful adult. And to live independently when the time is right for you.

We will work with you to help you get ready for adult life.

We will help you to

Look after your health and self-care – so that you can

  • eat a reasonably balanced diet
  • shop sensibly
  • cook and prepare food safely
  • manage your laundry
  • sleep well
  • manage your personal hygiene
  • arrange and attend health appointments – dentist, optician, GP
  • know what to do if you are ill

Keep yourself safe and build resilience, – so that you can

  • learn to cope with adult experiences
  • practice safe sexual contact and contraception
  • know and manage the risks of drugs and alcohol misuse
  • be aware of sexual exploitation and be able to protect yourself
  • understand abusive relationships and how to avoid them
  • manage your own behaviour and not pose a risk to others

Take part in education, training and employment, – so that you can

  • meet the demands of a course or a workplace – reliability punctuality, behaviour
  • motivate yourself
  • apply for education or employment and look for advice and help when you need

Manage your leisure time and social life, – so that you can

  • arrange a social life and activities in your free time
  • manage your time alone
  • make transport arrangements

Be OK in your accommodation, – so that you can

  • co-operate with the rules of supported accommodation
  • develop practical and organisation skills so you can manage an independent household
  • understand what is expected of you as a tenant
  • be a ‘good neighbour’

Be OK in your relationships, – so that you can

  • accept (appropriate) community support
  • choose positive relationships with family, friends and your social network

Manage your money, – so that you can

  • know how to budget on what you’ve got
  • avoid getting into debt
  • protect yourself against financial exploitation and fraud

Understand parenthood, – so that you can

  • understand what is expect of you to be a good parent
  • understand the consequences of being unable to put a child’s needs first

Resources for getting ready for adult life

Get Ready for Adult Life – Helping young people in or leaving care prepare for adult life – Catch22 publication

Young Person’s Self-assessment worksheet ‘Preparing for adult life’

Preparing for adult life on the Somerset Choices 0-25 website