Unaccompanied Young People Seeking Asylum (UASC)

If you are a young person seeking asylum we will help you get the support and advice you need

“I am a young person seeking asylum, can I get support?”

If you are under 18, have nowhere to live in the UK and no parents to look after you, we will look after you and help you to get the support and advice you need.

It is important that you talk to your Personal Adviser about what is happening with your Immigration status before you turn 18, and if you do not understand, you must tell us.

We will work with all young people to confirm their immigration status as soon as possible. Talk to your Personal Adviser or benefit specialist for advice. And remember that only people who are qualified can give immigration advice.

Care Leavers who have immigration or asylum status from the Home Office will have lots of complicated forms and tasks to complete before they turn 18, and every few years after that. If things are not done on time, it can have a negative effect on your chances of staying in the UK.

This is a difficult process and it is important that your Pathway Plan is clear about what you need to do.

Types of care leaver – to know which category you are and the types of support available

Refugee agencies and charities

More advice about immigration, asylum and nationality – the migrant children’s project

British Red Cross – advice and support for family tracing and reunion

CORAM Children’s Legal Centre – providing legal representation and advice

Migrant Help –  Free asylum helpline 0808 8000 630 – asylum guide translated into 15 languages

Refugee Action – Help and advice for refugees and asylum seekers on issues, including the asylum process and how to access support

Refugee Council –  Free independent advice during your asylum process and support to access health and social services

Leaving care support for migrant children and young people – factsheet

Asylum helpline UK – phone 0808 8000 630